Page Layout Design Services

Our page layout design staff has years of experience building designs and textbooks for clients from around the country. We have proven, documented processes for the creation of print media, and we’ve adapted our services to create a single source to build digital solutions from printed materials. Our layout designers can offer almost any deliverable that you may need, like print media and ebooks, and they provide design services such as typesetting, page layout, cataloging, and much more.

Our page layout design team is a close-knit bunch who apply their design and layout skills to display your content intuitively and to beautifully tell your stories. They strike a balance between client standards and artistic innovation to deliver timely, error-free, and visually pleasing digital and print media. Each member of the team is well versed in programs like Adobe InDesign and Acrobat and is top of the line at problem solving and the art of layout.

Our layout designers take charge in
bringing your printed media to life.

Interior Publication Design
Cover Design
eBook Creation
Metadata Implementation
Text Downloads

Design evaluation & implementation
Page Layout
Prepress checks
Accessible PDFs
Print Media
Logo Design