Creative Services

Our creative services team consists of talented designers who are experienced in illustration, animation, interactive design, application development, and production. No matter your industry, they can design stunning print and digital media that your target audience will enjoy. Our designers are highly creative, proficient in creating and editing content of all types and subjects, and are trained to ensure that your print and digital media are of the highest quality. You can expect designers to collaborate with you to ensure that the final product, whether print or digital, depicts your vision and meets your needs.

In addition, our creative staff brings the unique expertise of biomedical art. They hold medical illustration or equivalent degrees and can ensure their work is always scientifically accurate. Our designers are also extremely well versed in the Adobe Creative Suite products, Microsoft Office, and animation and 3D modeling software like 3D Studio Max and ZBrush.

Our designers create print and digital
media to accurately convey your brand’s
message to your target audience.

Illustration (2D and 3D)
Cover Design
Logo Design
Art Style Sheet Creation
Art Direction
Digital Product Planning
Prepress Q/A Checks

Photo Correction & Manipulation
Graphic Design
Art Program Development
Art Program Management
Print and Digital Media
Animation (2D and 3D)