Project Manager 101

Project managers are some of the most talented people in a workplace. From team management to budgeting, and schedules, PMs handle their workloads with ease. If you want to be a successful PM or are wondering what it takes to work for a project management firm, look no further! Here are four skills of a “great” project manager.

Skill 1: Understand People

Understanding people is two-fold. A PM must have emotional intelligence. In other words, a project manager must be able to read the room or one person. Emotional intelligence helps keep project managers in touch with their team. It also assists in handling problems as they occur to keep a team running like a well-oiled machine. Project managers must also understand the customer. The better a PM must understand a client’s vision the more capable he/she will be at bringing the vision to life.

Skill 2: Be Flexible

Flexibility should always be part of a project management firm or PM toolkit. Because let’s face it, change is inevitable and no two projects are alike. Flexibility allows project managers to anticipate bottlenecks and plan for change. It also helps PMs to better manage their team because it builds trust and commitment.

Skill 3: Accurate Time Tracking

It is imperative, project managers know where their team’s and their own time is going. Time tracking insights can be an eye-opener for PMs and can make or a break a project. Time tracking allows PMs to determine the following:

  • How much time is being spent on activities
  • Current or potential bottlenecks
  • If there are sufficient resources
  • Time estimates for similar projects
  • Efficiency levels (cost and productivity)
  • Project Prioritization

Skill 4: Stay Within a Budget

The project budget is the approved cost for all activities associated with a project. There are two very important reasons why a PM must stay within budget. One, it helps determine if the project is progressing in the right direction. For example, if the approved budget will run out before the project ends a PM will need to take action. Two, the budget dictates resources. In other words, budgets determine when, how many, and how long a project needs resources.

Now that you know how to be a great project manager, it is time to start perfecting the skills. We know you can do it! If you need help managing design, marketing, and branding projects, give us a call. We are a one-stop shop for all your project management needs. Our project managers are experts at resource allocation, meeting deadlines, and staying within budget. Contact us today we are here to help.