3 Traits of a Successful Project Manager

It seems like every few months this topic comes up again: What are the traits of a successful project manager?  Project managers (PM) are some of the most versatile people in business; they can handle creative services, marketing services, budgeting etc. Some people claim it takes years of experience to develop traits. Others assert that practice makes perfect and you can become a successful PM with hard work and dedication. Well, neither group is wrong but the question still remains: What are the top traits of a successful project manager?

Whether you’re a new PM or veteran there is always something to learn. And that’s what we are here for. Here’s our take on the top traits of a successful PM.

What Makes a Good Project Manager

Put simply, a project manager is the captain of the ship. They steer the project to completion and make sure key goals are met: time, cost, and quality.

1. Time Management

You need someone to create a plan and help organize resources to achieve it, enter project manager. If the plan changes a PM is there to update the plan and organize the chaos. Any changes to the schedule are noted and reported to the team and any other stakeholders. The project manager maintains the schedule and helps all resources and stakeholders to meet deadlines. In addition, they help stakeholders understand the implications of any missed or moved deadlines. This is especially important if the project manager is there for marketing services. Trends are always changing and the project manager has to keep up to make sure the client’s goals are met.

2. Controlling Costs

Project managers monitor budgets to ensure that the company is staying profitable or the project is not going over the estimate. Hours worked by internal team members as well as external costs (freelance or manufacturing) are monitored to ensure they are staying on budget. Again, if the scope of a project changes or the budget needs change, the project manager is there to communicate the changes, the reasons, and to help mitigate costs.

3. Quality Assurance

Even though project managers might not be performing any of the work on a project, quality is still one of their responsibilities. Holding resources accountable to process and procedure as well as creating check-ins and milestones helps to ensure a project is done error-free and meets the quality standards of the client and/or company. Project managers for creative services, for example, have to make sure the work is high quality. A blurry graphic design or misspelled logo can keep a client from coming back with more work.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the PM is the face of the project so any concerns over scheduling, cost, and/or quality are going to reflect on the project manager. The project manager must have a firm grasp of the scope of a project in order to accurately apply time, cost, and quality standards to it. The PM needs to know their project inside and out so that if any factors change, they can alert stakeholders and update the project plan accordingly.

Rely on a Project Management Service Expert

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