How to choose a design studio

1. Outline your project.

Before contacting design studios determine what the project will require, the goal(s) of the project, and the project’s deadline.

2. Determine your budget.

It is important to set a reasonable and flexible budget. Doing so will help you determine which creative agency will fit your requirements and offer you the best solutions.

3. Search for design agencies.

Take to search engines and ask your colleagues for reputable agencies.

4. Check out their portfolios.

After gathering a list of 10-20 agencies check out their portfolios to determine if their designs are visually appealing, they have experience with projects similar to yours, and the design style is what you’re looking for.

5. Look for testimonials.

Look for consumer reviews that validate an agency’s credibility and expertise. Stay away from companies that have overly positive testimonials. Creative agencies should have a range of positive to neutral reviews.

6. Follow them on social media.

Check out the agencies social media accounts to determine if they are actively posting relevant and engaging content or spamming their followers.

7. Rate the agencies and narrow your list.

By now you should have a good idea of whom you want to contact. If not, narrow your list to 3-5 agencies.

8. Contact the agencies.

Email or call the agencies to discuss your project.

9. Compare agencies.

After chatting with the creative agencies compare responses, costs, timelines, processes, and how well you will work with them.

10. Take a break.

Before making a decision take a break for a day or two to make sure you’re not rushing into anything or making decisions too quickly.

11. Make a decision.

After you’re 100% sure which design agency would be the best fit for your project reach out to them. Don’t forget to let the other agencies know that you’ve taken your work elsewhere.

12. Build a relationship.

Developing strong relationships will allow for individual attention and an agencies ability to differentiate your needs from their other clients.

13. Skip 1-12 and contact Lachina.

Don’t have time to vet design agencies? Give us a call. As a creative agency with more than 25 years of experience, we have what it takes to solve your design challenges and make your ideas come to life.