9 Ways to Grow Your Business

As a business owner, it is important you learn when and where to spend your money. With so many fixed and variable operational costs, it is easy to feel uneasy about spending money on strategies that may not yield a return. In this article, we’ve put together 9 tips that can grow your business without breaking the bank.

1. Simplify your business.

Focus on products or services that yield the highest ROI.

2. Encourage employees to explore more efficient processes.

Streamlining processes yields fewer errors and delays, and staff and customers are more satisfied.

3. Simplify your marketing message.

Your marketing message should be simple and easy to understand.

4. Reward your team for meeting deadlines.

A work party or bonus is less expensive than an increase in costs.

5. Penetrate your existing market.

It is more cost-effective to get current customers to purchase more goods or services compared to acquiring new customers.

6. Create and advertise via social media.

Social media is an easy way to promote your business and it’s free!

7. Condense work if possible.

Reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a project as long as it does not compromise the quality of your product or service.

8. Ask for referrals.

Ask satisfied customers after every project if he/she knows anyone who would be interested in your products or services.

9. Give Lachina a call!

Our business consulting team offers insight, knowledge, and guidance to take your brand to the next level.