You might think of creativity as a trait possessed by artists, marketers, or entrepreneurs. But that is far from the truth! Creativity is not a talent, but a skill that is learned and mastered over time. Regardless of occupation or hobbies, we all require creative thinking from time to time. If you find yourself hitting a creative roadblock, here are 17 fun ways to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Make lists
  2. Be open
  3. Collaborate
  4. Ask for feedback
  5. Don’t give up
  6. Take risks
  7. Take breaks
  8. Use stickies
  9. Jam out to music
  10. Challenge yourself
  11. Get away from the computer
  12. Break the rules
  13. Go on an adventure
  14. Write down your ideas
  15. Catch some Zzzz
  16. Be inquisitive
  17. Have fun

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