We believe great design can make an idea come to life.

– Lachina is a full-service agency.

Creative Services and Business Consulting Agency

Let’s spare you the fluff. You need relevant and engaging print and digital content and a stellar brand strategy. That’s what we deliver.

Your business and creative challenges drive us to make the unimaginable a reality. There is not much we enjoy more than problem-solving and getting our creative juices flowing, and we happen to be great at it. Whether it’s creative services, business consulting, project management, or other services we offer, we provide you with options and you choose what works best for you and your business objectives.

Client Testimonials

Lachina did a fantastic job doing the best wrapping job we’ve ever had in a book. Great Job! From our perspective, this book is beautiful.
Steve R.
We have done composition on all of our books with Lachina from the beginning. We have been pleased with the process, timely scheduling, and the high-quality results in all cases. We are able to get to production of print and ebooks fast with zero errors or production issues and everyone has been just great to work with each time!
Richard H.

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Lachina’s 27th Anniversary

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