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Let’s spare you the fluff. You need relevant and engaging content and a stellar marketing strategy. That’s what we deliver.

Your design, creative, and branding challenges drive us to make the unimaginable a reality. There is not much we enjoy more than problem solving and getting our creative juices flowing, and we happen to be great at it. Whether it’s design, strategic planning, or marketing, we provide you with options, and you choose what works best for you and your business objectives.

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At Lachina Creative, we offer creative, brand, and marketing services to anyone. Whether you are a startup or a big company, we can handle your needs. Brand services, creative services, and

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10 Ways to Have Successful Email Marketing

Blog, Marketing
Email Marketing has been around since mid-90’s, most of it was marked as spam mail, but it existed. Email Marketing has gotten more refined these days and if you haven’t joined in on the online

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6 Reasons Why Project Management Matters

Blog, Branding
You might be asking yourself “what is project management” and “is it necessary?”. Project Management is exactly how it sounds: forming a goal, creating a way to achieve goal, and making sure

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How To Create Perfect Page Layout Design

Blog, Creative
Page layout design is an important aspect of graphic design where the designer uses graphics, images, and text to create an attention grabbing page. Page layouts are important for websites, print

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5 Reasons You Might Outsource for Graphic Design and Animation

Blog, Creative
Here are 5 great reasons you may want to consider outsourcing your graphic design and animation needs. Learn more.

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